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How to blend cultures and religions

Features: If you’re engaged to someone who was raised in a culture or religion different from your own, you know that love can be quite a confusing thing — especially when it comes to wedding arrangements. Comment

Stress free is the way to be

Features: Ten simple ways to relieve wedding-planning pressure. Comment

Bride vs. Mom-zilla

Features: Bride-zillas? Ha! This beauty professional has seen her fair share of scary mothers-of-the-bride and offers tips to deal with their monstrous ways. Comment

Word to the wives

Features: Former brides give their best piece of wedding advice. Comment

Traditions translated

Features: If you’ve been to a wedding recently, you may have wondered about the origins of the traditions. How did throwing rice at the bride and groom become common practice? What’s the history behind brides wearing white? Why do Jews sign contracts, Hindus get tattoos, and South Koreans beat the groom’s feet? Comment