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Not your mama’s registry

Registry & Gifts: Modern wedding registries that can change your life. Comment

The big picture

Planning: Photographers explain how to take quality engagement photos. Comment

How to blend cultures and religions

Features: If you’re engaged to someone who was raised in a culture or religion different from your own, you know that love can be quite a confusing thing — especially when it comes to wedding arrangements. Comment

If you build it, they will come

DIY Projects: What to keep in mind while building a wedding website. Comment

The guest list game

Budget: The longer your guest list, the more money you spend. Here is who you should and should not invite to your wedding. Comments (1)

No holds bride: Sara Stoquert

Real Weddings: A former bride gives real advice about planning a wedding. Comment

Where the heart is

Real Weddings: A man, a woman, and a cardiac surgery intensive care unit Comment

Stress free is the way to be

Features: Ten simple ways to relieve wedding-planning pressure. Comment

The ABCs of RSVP etiquette

Invitations: We can send a text, an e-mail, and tweet with lightening speed, but for some reason, some of the people you invite to your wedding will not respond with a RSVP. Why is this? And what should one do when they find themselves in this kind of situation? We’re here to help! Comment

Sixteen cool cufflinks

For the Groom: From classic to kooky, we highlight 16 distinct styles Comment

Bride vs. Mom-zilla

Features: Bride-zillas? Ha! This beauty professional has seen her fair share of scary mothers-of-the-bride and offers tips to deal with their monstrous ways. Comment